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Gift Idea Gifts - Online gift and gift idea shopping for all gift giving occasions. Find the perfect Crazy gift in our wierd, unusal, unique, funny, gag, novelties and practical joke Gift Selections. Strange gifts that will make them laugh out loud, over the hill gifts, golf gag gifts, weird gift stuff they've never seen before. Gift Giving Made Easy For All Occasions. The Perfect Gifts At Your Fingertips!

Featured Gifts:

Alien Space Mucus - Our Space Mucus is a bit stranger than your garden variety human mucus. Our Space Mucus can bounce, stretch, and splat for endless gooey fun.˙ The package comes with two plastic eggs (each containing 1 ounce of Space Mucus) in a net bag

Musical Love Boxers - Large - The Musical Love Boxers make me feel so sexy!!!! They are 100% cotton and play a melody of these romantic tunes...Love Story, Love Me Tender and Let Me Call You Sweet Heart. Take a closer look at your monitor the heart with the happy face simply needs to be squeezed to activate the tunes. The hearts nose even blinks to guide you and your cupcake through the night!!!!

Pet Rock - The 70's are back in fashion, music, style, collectibles, and The Pet Rock. The Pet Rock is a whimsical cornerstone of that revival. Forget the hassles of a dog or a cat. Own the only mineral proven to make you feel loved. For a great stocking stuffer or gag gift, pick up a few Pet Rocks today.

Chair Caddie- Football - The Chair Caddie has recently replaced Rover as man's best friend!! Each have a weighted base to securely hold your drink in place. They all contain two large pockets (it's like having your own personal kangaroo). And just think no more time consuming and frustrating searches into the depths of the chair cushion for that lost remote!!!!

Chair Caddie- Golf - The Chair Caddie has recently replaced Rover as man's best friend!! Each have a weighted base to securely hold your drink in place. They all contain two large pockets (it's like having your own personal kangaroo). And just think no more time consuming and frustrating searches into the depths of the chair cushion for that lost remote!!!!

Pen Radio - Nothing gets better than the portable, hands free pen radio! With this pen radio you can scan your favorite FM stations with a single touch. The pen radio also has individual ear phones with a long cord for crisp FM sound including volume control!! Plus, it has a detachable ball point pen and clips easily to your clothing for hands free listening. (batteries included)

F-16 Stunt Kite - This unbelievable kite with its 3-D body and dual lines allow it to look and fly like the real thing!! It performs twists and turns that will baffle and amaze kiters everywhere! Not for the beginner.

Big Hug With Cuddling Hands - The Hug?a plush, handmade cuddly arm with hands. The Hug is designed to wrap around whomever it is given to, and it arrives with it's own personalized greeting card.

Fish Head Can Coolers Rolly Polly Fish Heads!! It's a school of Fish Head Can Coolers!! There's nothing fishy about our set of 4 vinyl drink holders! They'll insulate your canned beverages while protecting surfaces from condensation. Perfect for the angler who's angle is to keep his beverage cold! They're better than sleeping with real fishes! Each stands about 4 1/2" tall. Includes a large mouth bass, walleye, rainbow trout and catfish! Get your Can Coolers today before they swim away!!

Voodoo Doll - Need to vent some powerful feelings, intense passion or, humor your every whim and desire? You need a Vudu Tu You voodoo doll! Want to modify someone's' destiny to satisfy your every wish? You need a Vudu Tu You voodoo doll! Does it really work? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Voodoo Computer - Here at Wonderfully Wacky we wondering if you were bitten by the Y2K bug?˙ I know I was! That's why I'm getting some payback with my 3" * 5" * 4.5" canvas Voodoo Computer.˙ With the Voodoo Computer˙ I can place the white headed pins (included) into the phrases like "IRS Crashes," "Mortgage Payments Disappear," and "Bank Adds 3 Zeros to Savings Account." Sometimes I might feel a bit mischievous and decide to put the black pins (included) into phrases like "Security Alarms go Berserk," and "Phones Dead." Since you can't do this to your real computer, this Voodoo Computer is the next best thing.

Donut Cologne - MMMM Donuts!!! That's what the ladies say when they smell Bob's new Donut Cologne. All the ladies just want to eat Bob up when he is wearing his Donut Cologne. HEY LADIES: If your husband loves to eat donuts try putting some of this on, then see how he notices you.

Musical Rose - Mother Nature, the Queen, and Elvis Presley, the King, have come together for the first time to produce The Music Rose. A musical 13-inch, long stem rose that plays one of the all time favorite romantic tunes "Love Me Tender." The Music Rose will surely enchant the intended recipient leaving the question who could be that sweet?

Cricket Lick-It - This lolly has the sweet taste of Creme de Menthe with a real cricket in the center. The cricket has been said to taste like an almond, however be careful of the antennas they can cause severe tickling of the tongue.

Tequila Lollies - The perfect party gift!!! Forget the bottle, give these Tequila flavored (non-alcoholic) lollypops each with a real worm and party hearty.

Golf Putting Pal - Don't let your friend or loved one be a putz on the golf course. Let them improve their game in the privacy of home or office with this electronic, automatic ball return, putting target. Buy a Putting Pal and improve that handicap.

Gopher Animal Golf Club Cover - These high quality golf covers might just bring out the animal in a golfer. Just look at Tiger Woods!! Makes a golfers bag stand out from the crowd!! P.S. At present time Baron Bob is not a golf club cover and is not for sale!!!

Glow Sheep - Glow Stars are cool however Glow Sheep are stellar!! Count yourself to sleep with these home decor friendly sheep!!! You get a Mommy and Daddy Glow Sheep (they measure approx. 3" W * 2-1/2" T) and 14 Glow Sheep Babies (they measure approx. 2" W * 1-1/2" T) This whole family comes complete with little sticky tabs to make hanging them a breeze.

SPECIAL - Pull My Finger Fart CD's - VOLUME 1 & 2 - Pull My Finger is the only flatulently funny collection of authentic fart sounds available on CD. All farts collected from actual gaseous emissions. No fake or synthesized sounds were used in this disgusting 30-minute compilation you can play on your home stereo. Use the Fart CD to thrill and gross-out your friends. Give the CD a spin for some really hilarious party games -- instructions included. Use the special Answering Machine Message on your answering machine -- or create your own. Sing along with three musical "cuts." Music to pass gas by!

Roadkill Cafe Magic Mug - Legend or true I leave it up to you? There's a trucker who owns a cafe. He drives his rig night and day, on a quest scouring highways in the mid west, leaving only fur balls and not the mess, for that will be served up fresh, at the one and only Road Kill Cafe!! Back of the mug features the hilarious Road Kill Cafe menu (not shown). No batteries or wiring, and resets itself, good golly...order your Road Kill Cafe Mug now

Giant Fortune Cookie - The cookie measures 5 inches in diameter and contains your very own personalized message! Give the Giant Fortune Cookie- a bakery item that would have the Cookie Monster doing double back flips into somersaults!

Strip Chocolate game - The ultimate game of sensual pleasure, Strip Chocolate is exciting in every sense of the word. You will laugh. You will strip. You will eat delicious chocolate in very unusual places. You may even end up barking like a dog or dancing naked! Only one thing is certain in a game of Strip Chocolate, everybody wins. Just play the rules and anything can happen (and usually does) happen. When all the clothes are off, keep playing an extended game in the "Favors" round where you set the stakes and things get even more interesting!!

Sushi Candy - If you have an urge to eat some raw fish, go to a Japanese restaurant. If you have an urge to eat some Sushi Candy, imported from Japan, you've come to the right place! Each sushi box contains 13 pieces of realistic looking Sushi (candy). It even comes with a little pair of chopsticks

Pull My Finger Fred - Go ahead? we dare you? Pull it! This 7" seated plush character shakes and makes a farting sound and then tosses off one of 10 hilarious random remarks!!!

Talking Sponge Bob with glasses - I talk! "Go SpongeBob, Go SpongeBob, Go Self" "I'm Talented" "It's pretty impressive alright!"

SpongeBob Slumber Bed - This great bed will have your little one a sleep faster than you can say, "SpongeBob Squarepants!!"

SpongeBob Thumbs Up Inflatable Chair - SpongeBob gives thumbs up to this seating arrangement and so will your little one!! A comfortable (sure beats sitting on a pineapple) and colorful chair. Supports up to 175 pounds

Fishing Lure Mailbox - Now your bills can sleep with the fishes!! This great mailbox is made of a high impact ploy resin. The bright metallic finish has been certified with UV approval to hold up to sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Hooks are a bendable plastic

Stand-Up Knight Light tm - This fully-realized Knight in shining armor is complete to the last detail and stands ten inches tall. The figure and sculpted-stone base are crafted from high-quality resin and are extremely durable. The unique design of the shield and mace utilizes Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to create a cool blue glow. Included is the DC adapter, so it?s ready to plug in and light up.

Potty Slot electronic game - Bored looking at that same issue of Better Homes and Garden don't fret playing Potty Slot is the same bet!! Hang from your toilet roll dispenser for easy access.Game turns itself off after sitting idle for 2 minutes. Automatic score, and sound!! Works with 2 AA batteries included.

Flashing Willie Doll - Willy wants to be free and I'm not talking about the movie!! Bearing a grin the Flashing Willie Doll gyrates around then rips open his trench coat and for the climax his pants drop exposing his Tightie Whiteys!! And for a touch of class the Flashing Willie Doll makes his moves to the tune of Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Sound Activated and Try Me button batteries included (4 "AA" batteries.)

Hearts And Kisses Spa Set - Bath net, pedicure file, emery boards, cuticle sticks, nail brush, toe separators, heart shaped bath sponge, SpaCific body lotion, hot lips bath pillow & plastic drawstring carrying pouch.

Beer Belt - Hold a six-pack without your hands! Our fully adjustable beer belt allows for hands free convenience while keeping your precious beer at no further than an arm?s length. Accommodates both cans and bottles

Cafe Racer Mini Motorcycle Ferrari Red - Here's your opportunity to take a ride on the wild side without taking a third mortgage on the home. These mini motorized masterful marvels pack a real wallop with a speed up to 20 mph! Pocket Bike miniature motorcycles are only 35 pounds, lift it up without irritating your hernia and put it in your vehicle.

Snowing Machine - Your artificial tree (up to 7 1/2 feet) will give the appearance that it's actually snowing. What's the secret? It's has to do with the very clever Snowing Machine. The Snowing Machine opens up to form a basin for the falling snow, thus you wouldn't have to shovel your rug. Furthermore, it also recycles the snow using it over and over. Situated in the basin is the Snowing Machine motor. It attaches to a green pipe that will be camouflaged in the center of your tree. It is from this pipe the snow shoots out giving the illusion it's snowing on your tree. And have no fear your place doesn't need to be as cold as an igloo floating on an iceberg, the snow is as artificial as your tree. In actuality the snow is little white Styrofoam balls

Auto Racing Chess - Give the pit dweller something to do on his downtime. Can't go full speed all the time.

Stuff Guys Need To Know Book - Guys, you ever have a question but were afraid to ask... here's your book! How should I hold this squirming baby? My mother-in-law thinks I know how to carve a turkey? It's my best friend's wedding day: how do I propose a toast that doesn't sound corny? A square knot? Sure. Is that right over left...or left over right? Every guy will sooner or later face a "simple" problem no one has ever taught him how to solve--and here's a practical and lighthearted book with all the answers.

Stud Gift Set - Eliminates Passive Aggressive Behavior. Type A formula Contains - a 3 ounce Body Detergent, a 3.5 ounce bar soap, a 4 ounce body wash and a travel sized, high quality lotion. Gift bag and exfoliating mesh sponge are included for free!

Obsessive Compulsive Gift Set - Fresh New Fragrance Eau de Gefilte Fish Contains - a 3 ounce Body Detergent, a 3.5 ounce bar soap, a 4 ounce body wash and a travel sized, high quality lotion. Gift bag and exfoliating mesh sponge are included for free!

Candy Blue Pocket Bike Chopper Version 3.5 HP - The Bad Boys of Pocket Choppers Inc. have masterfully Shrinky Dinked a full size chopper to 1/3rd it's size!!The Pocket Bike Chopper is a little bundle of Power, propelled by a 3.5 HP or a 6.0 HP no 2-stroke engines here, you get instant power with a full size bike rumble!!

Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder - Don't you wish sometimes when you're sitting on the john that you were sailing the seas, casting a line for a 10 foot swordfish, smelling the salty air of the sea, maybe taking down a couple of cold ones?? Well don't we all, but at least with this Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder you can feel a step or two closer while impressing visitors with something outside of the ordinary boring toilet paper dispenser.

American Eagle Lamp - Show your patriotism in any room of the house with this one-of-a-kind accent lamp. Beautifully detailed, it depicts an American bald eagle with U.S. flag and cadence drum on a solid rock-like base.

Bush Jack In The Box - This entertaining and unique Bush in the Box plays "Hail To The Chief" when you turn the crank. Then, a spring-loaded President George W. Bush pops out and appears at the podium!

Charlie Mccarthy - Makes ventriloquism fun, easy & affordable. You won't find a better vent figure for your money! Basic Style: Stuffed body with moving mouth. Mouth is opened by pulling a string on the back of the figure. Head, mouth & hands are life-like vinyl. "Hair" is painted. Charlie McCarthy Classic ventriloquist figure dressed in black tux, white shirt, tie & shoes. With top hat and monocle. 30" tall.

Corner Light Set Of 3 - For Closets, Drawers & Cupboards. Adds welcome brightness to any dark corner or narrow space. No wiring needed. A touch of the finger turns this handy light on or off. Practical lights are battery operated and mount easily with included hardware or adhesive mounting pads.

Corvette Monopoly Game - Shift into high gear with 50 years of your favorite Corvette models! Race around the board as you experience the thrill of owning the most collectible Corvette cars ever produced. This game features vintage shark coupes, classic Sting RayŽ convertibles, and the extremely limited 50th anniversary car! Six collectible pewter tokens include the '53 Convertible, '58 Front Clip, '68 L88, '63 Split Window, The Bow TieŽ Emblem, and the Spinner Wheel. Come along for the ride as the world's most famous board game puts you right in the driver's seat!

Creeping Hand - Creeping, spider-like movement has to be seen to be believed. Any nearby sound sets it into relentless motion. Dr. Frankenstein's spare part will scare the yell out of your unsuspecting victims. Great addition to costumes and haunted displays. Have it hanging out of drawers, crawling out from under furniture and much more

Dog Yard Sign - Pup-shaped black metal yard sign acts as a friendly reminder to fellow dogwalkers to scoop their poop!

Ferris Wheel Model Kit - Ideal For Hobbyists & Miniature Collectors Add the excitement of an old fashioned carnival to your train display or enjoy them on their own. Authentically colored & expertly detailed hard plastic models don't need painting & are easy & fun to put together. 7" Ferris Wheel. HO-Scale. Optional battery-powered motor adds movement to ride. NOTE: You need one motor.

Four Legged Flashlight - Mini flashlight doggedly provides just the right amount of light with its adjustable beam. Tough as a junkyard dog, its rugged machined aluminum body is virtually unbreakable. And it's a pointer too. Simply adjust the four plastic legs to put light exactly where you want it for as long as you want it. Includes braided lanyard, keyring and clip.

Good Vs Evil Chess Set - Make your next game of chess more than a battle of wits. The Forces of Light combat the Forces of Darkness in this exquisitely detailed set. 32 pieces made of cold-cast resin and expertly hand-painted. With non-mar felt bottoms.

Love Fingers Massager Set Of 2 - Give yourself a professional massage in your own home. Love Fingers uses the principles of acupressure massage to create total relaxation. Simply run the four gently-rounded domes in small circles on your scalp to help relieve tension headaches. Rub Love Fingers over your back to soothe sore muscles (or, better yet, have someone do it for you). Squeeze the domes together on sore spots, strategic pressure points and hard-to-reach areas for a great total body massage.

Puzzle Box - Highly detailed replica of Pinhead's Chinese puzzle box. Get physical with a Cenobite's plaything. The sliding panel is easy to find. However, might I suggest gluing it shut for a little devious pleasure of your own? After all, there never was any real solution.

Puzzle Ring Size 6 - A refined design from the original Turkish puzzle rings that really does come apart and mysteriously goes back together. But only if YOU KNOW THE SECRET. For those who don't, we include instructions. 4-piece ring makes a thoughtful gift for love or friendship.

Shocking Computer Mouse - Your kid brother hogging the computer all day? Your spouse spending too much time shopping online? Here's a great way to get their attention without a lot of "static." Just replace their ordinary mouse our very special electric one when they're out of the room. When they come back, they get the shock of their lives! Not recommended for children under 10 years of age, adults over 60 years of age, or anyone in poor health.

Trick Billiard Rack - Patented Trick Rack makes setting up professional trick shots easy. Just set up 6 standard billiard balls in the rack. Then just hit the cue ball & the balls go straight in their respective pockets. Based on the amazing trick shot made famous by Paul Newman in the 1961 film, The Hustler. Quickly learn 20 professional trick shots and create more of your own--young or old, experienced or beginner. Set includes 2 table arrow tape markers and wall chart instruction sheet showing 20 different trick shots.

Wacky Golf Ball Set - The world's best golf ball gags! Exploding ball; jet stream ball that releases a 15-foot streamer once airborne; wacky ball with an unpredictable roll; and the phantom ball which evaporates into a mist upon impact! Balls look regulation--but only you know they're not!

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